Great Precast Concrete Stair Treads

Nov 10th

Precast concrete stair treads – When you have a house with two or more floors, the stairs become a necessity and many times we think of them as a merely functional complement, however, they are part of the decoration and many times are responsible for giving our home a completely different, mainly if they have a view to the room, the hall or other common space. In addition, the stairs are like a bridge that unites our spaces and we must take care that it integrates completely with them. To ensure you have the best design, we recommend that you include the colors and materials of both spaces, with a style that is neutral between the two, and add a special touch of personality.

Is it a staircase, a sculpture, or a mezzanine to place plants? This polished concrete staircase is everything you’ve always dreamed of, but in an elegant version. As if he did not want to disturb, or contaminate the rest of the space, this staircase rises in one of the corners of the room in a soft and subtle way that makes it seem part of an exhibition. In addition, climbing the steps with a half-light environment will make you feel as if you were in a play.

Imagine that you take a concrete plate and begin to fold it on itself. If we did we would obtain a clean and perfect staircase, like the one in this image. Which has obtained its purity and its heavenly air thanks to the occasional lighting? If you entered a room like this with dark furniture, smooth ceilings, and dim lighting, you would feel like a mystery movie. And the ladder could not be left behind, with a dark, firm, curved and wide appearance that will make you feel that you are going to find a great surprise.

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